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Frugal Momma Finds: Striking the Balance for your Work Makeup Look

Here is the thing, sis. I have been working on my "five minutes out the door" makeup look all summer. This is because even with the COVID variant, outside is still opening up and pretty soon, my family will be back to the hustle that once felt impossible to manage. I already feel the pressure and burn. Nonetheless, I am preparing to be both efficient and cute in these streets. Though it still takes me about 15 minutes to do my "work face" makeup, I know I will get to 5 any day now.

In any case, a clean and clear ready-to-go makeup look is essential. Now I have to warn you, everything on this list is not super cheap. This is because we have to strike the balance between price and quality. One thing is for sure, if I recommend a product, it WILL do you well.

I mix and match my makeup because there are some items worth the coin, like your foundations and powders. Everything else is negotiable, in my opinion.

Here are my top recommendations for an every day clean and BREATHABLE makeup look:

Top EZ Breezy Foundation/Setting Powder Choices

A makeup counter with brushes and foundation





Thank and you are welcome. P.S. We make a small commission if you purchase from our links: Read our full affiliate policy on our terms and conditions page.

Love you, sis!

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