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Amazon Autoship: My Secret Weapon

I love Amazon and Target. REALLY love Target and Amazon. I remember when I was interviewing for a role in upstate New York a while back and learning there was no Target within a 20-mile radius. Anywhere Target doesn't exist, I don't want to live. Something must be terribly wrong there. But I didn't fret at the time because well, Amazon.

I don't know what happened to me. Once upon a time, I used to actually go into stores and shop. But as a working mom, woman in leadership, and Girlboss trying to run a business, the last thing I want to do is run an errand. I have outsourced nearly 80% of my weekly home tasks so I can be freed up to be there for my son, advance my career, blog, podcast, and manage all of the other hats I wear on a regular. Amazon Prime has become my best friend and personal assistant. My theory is, if its not on Amazon, its probably not any good anyway. My favorite Amazon feature though is AUTOSHIP!

I pretty much buy any non-perishable item that I use on a monthly basis on Amazon Autoship. Every month, our diapers, lotion, facial wipes, baby wipes, swiffer, and pretty much anything I run through on a regular basis drops on my doorstep. I simply add items to my Subscribe & Save cart, edit them on a monthly basis and voila! My personal assistant Amazon does the rest. Here are some items in my Amazon Subscribe & Save cart:


I have done my homework. I pretty much figured out that if I subscribe and save to Luvs on Amazon, its cheaper than Costco or BJ's. Sometimes it's only off by a dollar or so in which case, the dollar is not worth my time, gas, and the hour standing behind the lady with all the coupons. I would rather do the things I love than save that dollar.

Toothpaste and Mouthwash

I remember the first time I moved into my own apartment and realized I HAD TO SUPPLY THE TOOTHPASTE. You mean these things don't just show up like in my momma house?!? Thank you, Amazon Subscribe & Save, for taking on the role of my parents. My morning breath kicks like karate, so I love Sonicare. But you can just get Colgate as well.

Swiffer Wipes

I hate having to clean a dirty mop that gets messed up after one use. So to save me time, on days I don't have to do deep cleaning, I keep my house stocked with these bad boys.


Another item I believe should just magically appear. Voila!

Simple Facial Wipes

When I get lazy at night and don't want to wash my face, these wipes are AMAZING. I use them everyday, and Momma Amazon makes sure we stay serviced. They are also good for my sensitive skin.

Baby Wipes

Because my son goes through 10 diapers a day...and these are cheap, but good for his sensitive skin.

The best thing about Amazon Subscribe & Save is that once you have five items in your monthly Autoship, you get an additional percentage off nearly all the items. That knocks the competitors out the ball game for me. If you are hella' busy and have no time wait on unmanned lines like me (why are there only ever two cashiers??), then get on the winning team!

Till Next Time,

Satta Star



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