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Frugal Momma Finds: Garanimals

Welcome to Frugal Momma Finds!

Hey Hey! This monthly spotlight is intended to share deals that will help your entire family feel good, look good, and save your coins while doing it. I firmly believe that it shouldn't cost an arm and a leg to look and feel fabulous! In this monthly column, I'm spilling all my little money-saving secrets for our Breezy Tribe!

This month, I want to share a little secret I discovered at Walmart: Garanimals Kid Gift Sets!

With little ones constantly outgrowing their clothes, it is great to be able to find easy, affordable, and quality clothes I won't feel bad about giving away or getting rid of next year. Not to mention, the clothes come in mix-and-match pairs, allowing me to pull together up to 16 outfits with just one color-coordinated box.

They now have some super cute sets they just launched for summer 2021, starting just under $40.00.

This set is great for your little one or a wonderful

gift for a family who you know might be in need.

Checkout out this season's sets today!

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