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Hey Nola! My 3 Fav Stops During a Women's Leadership Conference.

New Orleans is a beautiful city. It is even more beautiful when it is full of energy because Louisiana State University wins the national championship on the night you decide to fly in for a conference. Sorry, Clemson! Better luck next time.

Groupie Tinz! Of course I am taking a picture!

In any case, I had a wonderful time at Wisr Inc. Higher Conference for women in higher education where I had a chance to hear from three Vice Presidents on ways they managed family, work, life, and their faith in practice. It was great to connect with like-minded women who were focused and fired up about their careers and passion. I left the session with a greater sense of clarity and determination to pursue my professional goals.

Left: Kate Volzer, Co-Founder & CEO at Wisr -- Right: Dr. Yolanda Page, Vice President for Academic Affairs at Dillard University

During downtime, I had a chance to grab dinner and do some sightseeing in New Orleans.

Here are three stops you must make if you ever visit New Orleans:

1. Melrose Mansion, French Quarter

This restored 1884 Victorian mansion, the Melrose Mansion is in New Orleans' celebrated French Quarter on the historic Esplanade Avenue. It features an outdoor pool and everything an interior design aficionado like myself just loves! Character, luxury, and good bones!

2. Palace Cafe, Downtown

The award-winning Palace Cafe serves Creole cuisine in the historic Werlein Music building and it is centrally located downtown where all the magic happens. We ended up ditching the spot for a hole in the wall (cuz we needed REAL Nola food), but the decor was awesome!

3. The Propeller Incubator, Central Business District

I had a great time visiting the #propellerincubator in New Orleans. The co-working, social justice-oriented, organization is situated in the heart of the city and serves the community by providing accelerator programs for local entrepreneurs while encouraging the development of "a critical mass of small businesses and nonprofits working to tackle disparities in community economic development, education, health, food, and water". I was amazed and touched by their commitment to equity and community.

My time in the city was limited. Nonetheless, I appreciated having an opportunity to learn about culture, food, and community!

Satta Star <3



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