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Buying a House with Little or No Down-payment

Saving up a downpayment can be super stressful as a first-time homebuyer. The average down payment is 20%, which can be $40,000 if you want to purchase a $200,000 home.

Did you know that in certain instances, the federal government can provide up to 100% financing? Some examples include:

  1. VA loans - These loans specifically honor those who answered the call of duty.

  2. USDA Loans - This loan encourages population growth in rural areas. You can get a lot of space, land, and the fixer-upper of your dreams.

  3. FHA Loans - FHA Loans are government-backed loans that only require a 3.5% down payment. I used this method myself and borrowed against my pension.

  4. Your local city and state government may also have first time home buyer programs that may offer relief.

Checkout the video below and contact me so you can embark on your homebuying journey today!

Vanessa Speight is Your Homebuying Coach, a multi-million dollar real estate sales producer. As a community advocate and formerly single mom, she holds an extremely special place in her heart for first-time homebuyers, especially those in underserved communities. She is wife to an active duty military service member and mother to four beautiful active boys.

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