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Own Your Power

There was an evolution growing inside me that felt empowering in my mid-thirties in learning how to own my inner power. I never looked back once I walked away from situations that threatened my peace. I learned the gift of goodbye without hard feelings to what detached from me in understanding life's seasons. I got to the root of being a people pleaser to stop it at its core. I saw that not wanting to ruffle feathers lead to doormat traits that impacted my relationship with others. I've experienced the power of taking ownership with steps in centering my life for my purpose. I begin to hear my inner voice. There was a trust in that voice in making decisions that were best for me and my family. I found the beauty in tapping into my power, and I wasn't going to give it back.

The Power Inside Of You

Giving others the power to control your being is a life wasted. It's up to us to see the value of our self worth instead of solely relying on that validation through the lens of other people. We have to find the courage to walk in our truth. We have to define for ourselves the lines drawn for our self-protection of giving, serving, and knowing when boundaries have been crossed that make us feel uncomfortable. We shouldn't feel imprisoned to our authenticity. It's a release to find your power within. Owning your power is letting go of being controlled by guilt, shame, and being able to recognize manipulation at its beginning phase through discernment. We own our peace when we own our power. There's a light bulb that clicks inside in recognizing our power, not of arrogance, pride, or combativeness. It's owning the power inside us in recognizing our inner strength of living assertively in self-love.

A Woman In Power

The inner light of a woman who knows her power glows in unwavering confidence that can't be moved by the opinions and actions of others. A woman that understands her power won't be shaken by the fear of rejection, and she will in turn use rejection as a catalyst in creativity to discover new opportunities. A woman who identifies her power is aware of her own uniqueness in essence, yet she has the will in expression to celebrate other women without jealousy in competition. You are you for a reason. Own it, and own your power.

Here is How to Get Your Power Back & Never Search For It Again:

  • Stop seeking validation from others.

  • Know your identity. Don't allow it to be defined by external circumstances such as appearance, connections, status, or factors.

  • Set clear boundaries, and stand by your standards.

  • Don't be afraid of your creative genius, and tap into your creativity.

  • Break the disease to please.

  • Stop taking on other's negative emotions in energy in giving that energy back to its source.

  • Trust your intuition in obeying it the first time around.

  • Own your greatness within without feeling easily intimated.

  • Be authentic and not a copy.

  • Make choices and decisions for yourself.

  • Speak up for yourself.

  • Step out of your comfort zone.

  • Create a list of your top fears, and make a 6 monthly bucket list to conquer each one.

  • Be selective of your inner circle by cultivating a true supportive tribe.

  • Learn the art of saying "No" without excuses or over apologizing.

  • Control your emotions, and don't let your emotions control you!

  • Choose to heal and forgive.

  • Stop turning "you" down, and let your light shine.

  • Be kind, courtesy, and respectful, but stop being over accommodating.

  • Never put yourself in a position to be used as a convenience.

Minimarie Andrews is a writer, blogger, speaker, and host. She is a proud mother of four, and she has a passion for teaching young people as a fine arts educator. She's also a former gospel radio host in now having her own podcast. She shares in her blog, Purpose Filled Mommy with Minimarie along with other outlets wellness, embracing joy, having a grateful heart, cultivating centered families, establishing healthy relationships, and living a life of purpose. Find out more at

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