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Stop Seeking validation
Stop Seeking Validation

Stop searching, sis.

You already know the decision that you want to make, so just make it. Stop waiting around for people to understand the details of your decision. They will never get it the way you do.

And you don’t owe them an explanation. Preserve your energy, hermana and focus on propelling yourself to that next stage.

I know how much it can hurt how when your family doesn't support you or the decisions that you want to make for your life. But here's the thing, you have to make a decision to move on and stop looking to them for validation.

Don't cancel that business idea. Don't cancel that life changing decision. There is world full of strangers rooting for you. Go meet strangers that can continue to cheer you on and even propel you to a place of peace and consistency.

Support doesn't always mean that folks need to understand every single details of our goals however, our controlling spirit can want that. We are just so passionate about the things that we create and ideas we want to come to fruition, that we have the same passion for wanting others to care about us.

Remember that they do care, it just looks different.

Karina Daves is passionate about being there for women, specifically moms, that need tools and confidence to keep going, no matter where they are in life. She provides moms with the tricks and tools that they need to maintain their sanity and achieve their best life and relationship GOALS! She's excited to be here for you! Check her out at

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