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Do You Need a Mental Health Break? 10 Tips on How to Woosah

A mental health break isn't just for times of stress. It's essential to be in tune with our mental health on a regular basis. Our mental health is the part of us that we think we're hiding, but when our mental health is at a strain it shows loud that we are maxed out. If we are finding ourselves irritable, shaky, emotionally drained, and physically tired, it's okay for us to just admit that we need a good woosah. We can't just ditch our family roles, jobs, and other responsibilities, but we can take into account our mental health with a self-care evaluation making some needed life adjustments.

I will admit that I balance a lot, and I am prone to being fiercely independent never wanting to admit that I am secretly at my wits end and carrying a huge load. I am a divorced mother of four, a full-time teacher, caregiver to a child with special needs, a grad student, and a blogger. I have a limited support system with my family being over two hours away and unable to delegate some of the duties that would make life a little easier. There are days when the laundry will pile up along with mounting deadlines that leave me mentally exhausted. I don't want to be a snappy mom, and I don't want to be lack luster in following my passion.

So I admit when I need a mental break, and I take it my woosah unapologetically in an act of self- nurturing. You can unapologetically admit when you need a mental break as well.

Listen to your body. Be in tune with your mind. Here are a few ways to take a woosah mental break:

  1. Unplug. Take a social media break. Unplug from the temptation of checking notifications. Unplug from the urge to post every hour. Ignore notification alerts and messages that aren't of major importance.

  2. Have a moment. Find time in your day to create a break for yourself. Be still and minimize any interactions. Find at least 30 minutes of peaceful, quiet time.

  3. Pace yourself. Don't feel the need to complete everything in one day. Do a little at a time, especially during stressful spurts, so you don't feel overwhelmed.

  4. Laugh it out. Laughter is medicine for the soul. Watch a funny movie, listen to stand up from your favorite comedian, watch a funny sitcom. Smile while looking at the kids in some of their antics. Instead of snapping at them, join in on their fun. They would appreciate that rather hearing you snap in frustration.

  5. Remove some things off of your plate if you see your plate is filling up. Say, "No."

  6. Do what you love! Are there things that you enjoy doing that really take you away in an escape from the norm? Do them! Feel free to just take a moment to do what you really enjoy.

  7. Be a little selfish - in a good way. It's our natural instinct as mothers to share. It's okay to do something just for you, and let go of the guilt. You share so many other things, so you're entitled to have a few things just for you.

  8. Give people back their problems.

  9. Let it out! You don't have to hold it all in. Find a trusted friend to talk to when you see that you are super stressed or need a release. Write out your feelings in a journal or blog. Find a creative outlet to express your feelings.

  10. Ask for help! Don't feel the need to do everything alone. Reach out for help. Delegate responsibilities of items such as household chores so that you're not carrying the bulk of the weight.

We all need a mental health break sometimes. It's imperative to be in tune with our mental health, and we should be honest with ourselves about our needs. We need to be honest with any mental health concerns. Reach out for professional help, counseling, or therapy if you still feel emotionally stressed beyond the efforts mentioned. Talk to your doctor about feelings of depression, anxiety, or extreme mood swings. Remember to love yourself by taking care of yourself inside and out.

Minimarie Andrews is a writer, blogger, speaker, and host. She is a proud mother of four, and she has a passion for teaching young people as a fine arts educator. She's also a former gospel radio host and now has her own podcast. She shares in her blog, "Purpose Filled Mommy with Minimarie", along with other outlets, wellness, embracing joy, having a grateful heart, cultivating centered families, establishing healthy relationships, and living a life of purpose. Find out more at

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