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A lot of times we get so carried away by our achievements in life that we start to see ourselves as demi-gods; nobody could do this as I can, nobody can withstand what I have had to withstand. (Stay there and be deceiving yourself). There is a saying in my language, "If you have not gotten to another man's farm, you would claim that your father's farm is the biggest".

My dear, you better humble yourself before God does. Nobody is better than the next person; time and chance happen to us all.

We are grateful for your accomplishment and gatherings; we bless the Lord on your behalf. But the fact that your next-door neighbor is not where you are, does not make you better than them or make them beneath you. Remember that everybody's life journey is different, hence your success story is another person's journey to stardom. Your trials and tribulations are a ladder and learning phase for another. Stop trampling on other people because you feel like you have arrived.

You are successful at doing what you are doing, and even though the other person's success is not on your par does not make the next person any less successful than you are. Even twins, triplets, and other multiple births come out with different destinies, different strengths, different abilities, different will powers... and these are people that shared the same womb for months. They come out with different paths in life. What is to be said of people who have no connection?

When you walk around with your shoulders high all the time, there are bound to be people who can help you be better than what you are and go further than where you are but are not able to because you already make it seem like you are the most successful one in the bunch. My friend, you better calm down before you miss it! Even the lowliest person in the room has something unique to offer and you may be too blinded by your pride to see it.

Stop walking over other people because their measure of success is not the same as yours. Remember that our journeys are different, so are our assignments. So even if my success story does not check in your book as a success, leave me to mine and focus on yours.

You are NOT better than anyone, time and chance happen to us all.

Adeola is a hopeless romantic who sees everything from love's perspective. Her passions include cooking, writing, and making friends.

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