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Be Okay With Not Being Okay

it's ok not to be ok

Do not ever feel abnormal or unusual because of your emotions.

It is okay not to be your best self every day. Do not let what you see on social media or what other people project onto you define how you feel or how you see yourself.

It is okay not to be okay.

It is okay to need a moment of not being in the best position or not having the right attitude towards life, people, or things. There is nothing wrong with you for having emotions rush through you and feeling like things are not working as you expected them to or as you planned. There is absolutely nothing wrong with you wanting to lay in bed to soak in everything that is happening to you right now because you do not understand.

You certainly owe it to nobody to hide your feelings and smile when you do not feel like it.

It is also okay to feel like nobody understands how you feel. All your feelings are valid and accurate. I once saw a post on Instagram that said "It is not every day that you are at peace with yourself, or in a good mood or living your best life." My dear, nobody is living their best life every day; social media just projects what people want you to see.

So instead of beating yourself up for being a real human being who has real feelings and emotions, why not just celebrate yourself on your down days?

Exercise your emotions and validate how you feel because nobody can help you through those feelings but you. Stop feeling like everyone around you is always happy hence you must be satisfied too.

Stop using others' moods to validate yours.

Live in your moment, enjoy your off days (I don't mean just off days from work, lol) but enjoy those days that you are not "feeling like it." Because those moments shape you like no other. Those moments, if you pay attention to them instead of trying to shut them out, will help you understand precisely what you need to be your best self.

The happiest people are not those who never get sad; the happiest people are those who have mastered their habits both in joy and sadness, making the best of both circumstances.

The next time you feel down, not good enough, or "not in the mood," allow the emotions to work through themselves and walk with your head high because, in the next moment, you will be able to celebrate.

One day, you will find you've grown into a person who has mastered their emotions, no longer judging yourself based on how you feel.

Make a conscious effort to be comfortable "in your feelings." They are yours. Own them and make them work for you and others. The best you is not the person who hides their sad moments; it is the version of you that knows, understands, owns, and controls them, so they don't rule over you.

Adeola is a hopeless romantic who sees everything from love's perspective. Her passions include cooking, writing, and making friends. She is also an event planner at

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