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Look for Less: Reenvisioning The Office Nook

If I could summarize my decor style, it would be Joanna Gaines with a side of Jay-Z circa the Blueprint 2001. I love decorating homes so much that I will literally redecorate my office space over and over again just to get that same rush.

Being cooped up in the house has been tough for me, so I have found myself developing new ways to be creative and spark joy during physical distancing by putting my interior design certification to good use. Below is my take on an office makeover for those of us who have found ourselves working remotely for the first time. The great thing about this design? You never have to leave home to make it happen!

Here is a cute home office makeover for you to try at home:

Let's recreate the look:

1. The Desk

We don't have an office if we don't have a desk. So let's begin with the essential parson's desk. Nice, clean, modern, and petite enough to maximize space. Buy it by clicking the banner below.

2. A Nice Plush Chair

I made a slight modification with the chair here because I love a nice high back chair. Armrests are a necessity for long hours at the computer. Not to mention, the pillow is adjustable so you can customize its positioning to your level of personal comfort.

3. The Modern 5 - Tier Ladder Bookshelf

I love these ladder shelves. They are great for storing books, but also a nice modern decor touch to hold lamps and plants.

4. Morrocan Print Curtains

Moroccan print makes everything more luxurious in my book. I personally love this pair of linen blend curtains that allow for a bit of light to peek through!

5. Quincy Desk Lamp

This simple Quincy desk lamp brings a touch of gold and marble to your desk space!

6. The Grid Wire Memo Board

Keep your documents and photos in order on this super cute grid board!

7. A Rustic Letterboard

I love the rustic touch on the edges of this letterboard. It's not identical to the one pictured above, yet I find it pulls in the grey from the curtains nicely.

8. The Bonus Pineapple Lamp

I am in love with the pineapple trend! This lamp is a great affordable way to incorporate this theme into your office nook. It would look amazing on the shelf of the ladder lamp!

9. The Side Table

Pulling in elements from our Quincy Lamp, this side table is an excellent accent and place to keep your purse or snacks while you work!

10. Finally, Accessorize!

Don't forget to incorporate plants, cupholders, vases, and office supplies to match your decor!

There you have it, your office nook makeover! Did you enjoy this makeover? Share it with a friend!



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