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A Day in the Life: Moving Forward

My my, what a year!

We are taking a departure from our wellness series during this holiday season, but before I proceed--have you signed up for our monthly newsletter? "A Day in the Life" is a monthly snapshot of what's been going on for me and it'll be full of nuggets of information to help you live your best life. Subscribe now so we can share all the goodies with you.

The following is an excerpt of this month's letter:

To be sincere, it's been an interesting two years. In my twenties, I thought adulting was my rent, car note, cell phone bill, and Friday nights out. But as I grew closer to Christ, or as he drew me closer to him, I have seen my life walk out the very meaning of Acts 14:22 (AMP) where it says,  “It is through many tribulations and hardships that we must enter the kingdom of God. I have learned that adulting is actually all of the above, even with all hell breaking loose in your life. 

On the upside, my son came home after 331 days in the hospital, I had breakthroughs at work in spite of all of the challenges on the home front, and of course, The EZ Breezy Life was finally launched in October. 

It's been a rough journey.

My son has a cadre of doctors and therapists. My administrative and management skills have been put to the ultimate test with the chaos that was once preserved for work-life finding its way into our home. Prior to my son's arrival, I could count the people who set foot in my home on one hand. Today, our front door is a revolving door of people from all walks of life. Yet, I'm smiling because all of this pain and change has allowed me to give birth to The EZ Breezy Life. My plate is full of Momcake, and I'm loving it. 

The EZ Breezy Life is a song that has been brewing in my heart for four years. It is intended to be a space for strong-willed women who have lived their lives wrestling with the world and themselves to achieve their God-given destiny. I believe alpha women are special. The making of an alpha woman is a combination of grit, grace, and wisdom. Grit to buckle down when storms come our way, grace for the ability to do far beyond what human talent, ability, and strength can accomplish, and the wisdom to keep all the balls spinning in the air at the same time. We are busy, and we like it that way. 

Unfortunately, this superhero persona or complex can come with a lot of baggage--baggage that can turn into burdens. All of a sudden, the very part of our personality that once allowed us to triumph and overcome has become a yoke of perfectionism, criticism, control, and sometimes, bitterness. I want the EZ Breezy Life to serve as your daily reminder that there is freedom in true surrender. I want the stories shared on this platform to connect with the deepest part of your soul, the little girl that once was.

Somewhere, someplace, a long long time ago was an alpha girl who saw life as an endless opportunity. A girl who chose love over fear. A bright-eyed, open-hearted daughter of the king who loved like she'd never been hurt. I believe God wants you, me, and all of his children back at that very place.

Truly I say to you, unless you repent (change, turn about) and become like little children [trusting, lowly, loving, forgiving], you can never enter the kingdom of heaven [at all].' Matthew 18:3, AMP

I, like you, am on a journey to my inner self. The EZ Breezy Life is an invitation to take this journey together. It is my heart song to the strong, resilient and hurting women I meet every day at work, church, and even in my own family. It's a healing space for women who only show their scars to those they truly trust. It's time to get free. I hope you'll join me.  

As we enter the new year, make a commitment to yourself. I'm not talking about a resolution that ends in you stuffing your face with pizza on January 29th. I'm talking about a decision to take one baby step a day to loving, healing, forgiving, and truly living. A life of constant renewal. I wish you and yours a happy, healthy, New Year.


Satta Star



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