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Operation Glow Up: 5 Beauty Products in Your KitcheN

I declared 2020 was going to be my "Year of Yes". Despite everything going on, I am not giving up on my God-given glow-up and neither should you. Thanks to COVID-19, most of us are clutching our pearls and purses...but that doesn't mean we have to be dusty in the process.

Here are five products you have in your kitchen right now to help you with that glow-up:

1. Coconut Oil

I use coconut oil for my baby (Mighty Manny) because his skin is so sensitive, he can’t tolerate much of anything else. Coconut oil is known for its ability to reduce inflammation, keep skin moisturized, and its healing properties. I love the richness and aroma of this brand from Amazon in particular:

2. Lemons

Aside from its amazing health benefits, the vitamin c in lemons is great for brightening (not lightening) your skin tone and getting rid of the dullness left behind from dehydration, or just not getting enough sunlight during this time. 

3. Vinegar

Miss getting your amazing pedicures? Add some hot water and distilled vinegar in a small tub for a foot soak! A touch of Listerine will have it smelling just right and help slough off all the dead skin on your heels. It’s a fantastic beauty trick I have tried myself!

4. Eggs

Whisking some eggs and applying them directly to your face can help with breakouts. Let the mask dry completely and wipe off using a warm, wet rag.

5. Olive Oil

The holy grail of all things moisture! Add some olive oil to eggs for a moisturizing hair treatment or apply olive oil directly to damp skin after a shower to lock in moisture.

That's all she wrote! Those first few weeks had me slippin', but I can honestly say I have found my COVID-19 glow-up skincare and haircare regimen!

What glow-up recipes do you have in your kitchen? Share some deets below and share this post with a friend!

*This post features affiliate links. Which means I get paid if you buy anything from Amazon.



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