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America Runs on Dunkin...What Do You Run On?

How is it that we can achieve countless accomplishments and still feel unsuccessful?

Why do you still feel stuck even though you have overcome so many challenges? The answer may be found in exploring your mindset and motivation.

Sometimes an idea or a goal may offer the momentum needed to get started but what keeps us going? What is our motivation?

It has been said, “America runs on Dunkin”. What do you run on? What is fueling you and propelling you forward? What is your motivation? There are several types of motivation but I want to explore two kinds - negative and positive motivation.

Negative motivation is rooted in the belief that if one does not perform at a particular level there will be a negative consequence or that our self worth is linked to not failing.

Sometimes people set out to win in order to prove others wrong. Fear serves as the motivator and failure becomes the focal point instead of success.

Positive motivation is rooted in the belief that if one is able to perform at a particular level there will be positive rewards and or results.

The focus is on the gain that will result rather than potential loss.

We will always have people in our lives that do not wish us well and want to see us fail . However, those who do not wish us well must never become our fuel for success.

We must never allow our goals and dreams to be based on proving to another person that we are worthy.

In which areas of your life must you shift your mindset?

Your mind may be made up to succeed. However, are you succeeding to spite others or in spite of various challenges you are facing?

Have you accepted the wrong challenges or adopted the wrong attitudes concerning your goal?

It is never too late to change directions.

Win because you want to accomplish your goals, not to prove that you are not loser. Win because you are fulfilling your destiny and positively impacting the lives of others.

Yetunde is a wife, mother, educator, advocate, business owner, and Mental Health Care provider. She has worked with children for over 18 years, taught in New Jersey public schools for 12 years, and has spent the past 6 years working in Behavioral Health. Yetunde holds degrees in English, Secondary Education, and Applied Behavior Analysis. She has special interests in Autism Spectrum Disorders, Communicative Disorders, severe problem behaviors, self-care, teaching parents how to advocate for their children, and navigate bureaucratic processes that often hinder access to receiving quality education or critical services. She is also the owner of Badewa Royal Butters.

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