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Boundaries With Your Baby

You don’t need to over-explain yourself, that's the reality and heart posture you need to protect you and your growing family.

Becoming a mom is usually when we receive a lot of “matter of a fact” advice. Advice that people deliver as a fact rather than an opinion. The reason why family and friends deliver their stories this way is because they're super passionate about what worked for them and want to sincerely help. However, it's important that you discern the advice that is being delivered.

Are you receiving advice from a place of pressure and fact or from a place of genuine delivery with the spirit of offense being removed?

When a spirit of offense is removed, it means that this individual is simply offering you this advice as an option, not an end-all-be-all. And if you decide to not take that advice, then they are not offended.

And that's the difference, sis.

Whatever you decide to do isn’t wrong, it’s right because it’s right for you. It's right for yourself, for your baby, and your partner and that's all that matters. Having a baby is the perfect time to create the boundaries that you need for yourself and the expectations you want for your life. These may include respect for your baby's schedule and for even your own resting schedule.

I want you to realize that any decision you make during this time is the right decision because it comes from YOU. Don't allow people to fool you into thinking that their child was the main baby of the world that we should all be duplicating.

Your baby is your baby and that's all that matters.

If you want to learn more about setting boundaries in your life or working together to get your life back, then head over to my website: or follow me on Instagram & Tik Tok. Can't wait to meet you! xoxo

Blessed with the ability to think quickly on her feet, develop life-changing techniques, and still have a chuckle at the end of the day, Karina F. Daves has a passion to be there for women, specifically moms, who need tools and confidence to keep going, no matter where they are in life! Visit her website at

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