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You Got This: Six Traits of Confident Moms

I don’t believe that there’s a mom that has gotten this whole mom thing figured out to a tee, but there are a few moms that have paved their own way in owning their own unique mom experience. I like to call these women confident moms. The truth is, I was far from a confident mom for far longer than I want to admit.

Confidence in everyday life as a woman can be daunting in development, but if you throw in motherhood with confidence it can be extra shaky. I have learned that being a confident mom has nothing to do with perfection. Growing as a confident mom is an inside job that takes self-initiative. The women that we deem to be confident moms shouldn’t be women that we feel are superior, emulate to compare or feel jealous of.

We can be inspired by these women rather than intimated in taking our place within the walls of our own homes in loving, caring, and raising our children to grow in confidence for ourselves.

Here are six traits of confident moms:

  1. They Trust Their Instinct: A women’s instinct is pretty powerful within itself, but when you add motherhood, instinct somehow takes intuition to another level. Confident moms trust their gut when it comes down to their instinct about their home, family, and children. They will seek out “wise” counsel from a few close friends, but with prayerful confirmation, they follow through with their instinct.

  2. They Don’t Compare Their Journey or Their Child(ren)’s: It’s awesome to meet another mom you can relate with in similarities, but it’s a huge detrimental difference in relating with another mom and comparing our lives. A confident mom chooses not to waste energy by comparing herself to other moms, and she knows how unfair that would be towards her children as well.

  3. They Rise Above Outside Chatter: Being a mom for some reason gives some people an open invitation to share their opinion on how you should raise your kids, manage your home, and make prejudices about who you are from the simplest of things and social standards. Confident moms ignore the hearsay, sharp remarks, and unsolicited advice in learning how to assertively obey their inner voice, and they’re not afraid to use their outside voice to speak up. A confident mom advocates for herself and her children.

  4. They Don’t Define Themselves by Labels & Titles: Motherhood is filled with various subcultures and subgroups. We have groups of single moms, working moms, stay-at-home moms, military moms, married moms, homeschooling moms, special needs moms, soccer moms, dance moms, and etc. Many of us can relate to being in a sector of the mom groups listed. The danger is solely using any group as a set identity of who you are, and disqualifying moms who aren’t in your official subgroup. Confident moms can embrace a season or generalize experience in connecting with a group without allowing that to be the identity of their womanhood.

  5. They Take Care Of Themselves: Confident moms know it’s important to take care of themselves as preservation in taking care of those they love. They know it’s essential to take care of their mental, physical, and emotional health as mothers. They are unafraid to reach out for help, rest when needed, and do what it takes to be happy.

  6. They Invest In Themselves: Confident moms know the importance of not losing themselves within their motherhood journey and remembering the woman inside before motherhood. They invest in their self-development through personal growth, education, interests, and future aspirations.

Minimarie Andrews is a writer, blogger, speaker, and host. She is a proud mother of four, and she has a passion for teaching young people as a fine arts educator. She's also a former gospel radio host and now has her own podcast. She shares in her blog, "Purpose Filled Mommy with Minimarie", along with other outlets, wellness, embracing joy, having a grateful heart, cultivating centered families, establishing healthy relationships, and living a life of purpose. Find out more at

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