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Live and Let Live

A lot of times, I hear people say, “That can never be me”, “I will never react that way”, “I will never be caught dead doing that” but many times until one is caught in that situation, it is impossible to determine your reaction because nobody knows what their reflex reaction would be. Do you feel me? It is easy to condemn other people’s behavior because we believe that we would never ever behave like that… LOL!!! But when you are caught between a deep blue sea and the devil, it is not easy to make a decision because your decision will only be based on what options you have.

I have learned with time, and based on personal experiences that I am not quite ready to share, that many times we vow to never do something or condemn an action because we are not the one in the position of whoever committed that action. It is easy to condemn and crucify others until it is your turn, but when certain life situations are thrown at us, we become limited in the decisions we make and the choices we opt for.

Even in the Bible, the woman was condemned to death by the people and brought to Jesus so He can decree that she should be killed. But Jesus in His wisdom looked all of them in the eye and declared that the person without sin is to throw the first stone. Everyone walked away leaving that woman with Jesus because, in reality, nobody is a saint.

So, before we condemn other people's choices and life decisions, consider the fact that you do not know why they have chosen to behave, and/or react that way.

If we hear people's stories and circumstances, maybe we would understand better their rationale instead of condemning their choices. So before you jump into conclusions and assumptions next time, switch roles (again cut out that it would never be me BS), and imagine how you would feel if someone were to condemn your person without understanding how it feels or what it means to be you.

Adeola Oladele is just a young woman looking to make a difference in her world. She is a hopeless romantic who sees everything from love's perspective. Her passions include cooking, writing, making friends, and event planning. Learn more about Adeola's work at

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