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Joy seems really hard to sustain when we do not have the stability we desire.

Stability is a great thing to have - if we can have it. However, there are times when we will have to be flexible and learn how to adapt to instability, because it is a part of life and often the result of navigating multidimensional change.

Multidimensional change can look like a new circumstance, that leads to us having new relationships to navigate, new environments to adapt to, while sometimes transitioning out of the old, all the things we once knew and were accustomed to.

The temptation to sulk, remain anxious, or slip into a perpetual state of depression can be at an all time high when we do not have the security that comes with stability.

So how can you sustain your joy when it seems like you have no stability and thus clarity of what the future holds?

Below is a list of a few activities that you can experiment with to sustain your joy amidst uncertainty.

You can...

  • Release your inner creativity. (ex. Painting, Drawing, Coloring, Writing)

  • Learn a new skill. Extra kudos to you if you can avoid using a screen. (ex. Gardening, Making homemade deodorant, soaps, candles, Cooking, Dancing)

  • Integrating a new self-care habit into your weekly routine. (ex. Moisturizing, Eating in silence, Sharing a meal with a loved one, Applying a facial mask while drinking your favorite beverage)

  • Record a moment(s) that you are grateful for every 3 days. (ex. Journal, Record a voice Note, Create a collage of images that express your thoughts)

  • Practice loving kindness meditation (LKM). In short, LKM is an intentional activity where you spend 5-15 minutes thinking positive thoughts towards a loved one(s). (ex. Click here for an opportunity to practice LKM on yourself.)

  • Write a letter about or to a loved one. You don’t have to give it to them.

  • Listen to a song you like that gives you hope and makes you want to dance.

  • Do an act of service for a stranger or loved one. (ex. Buying groceries, Paying for someone’s meal at the drive-through, Babysitting, Taking a friend out for a meal, Mowing your neighbor’s lawn, Inviting friends over for a fun time)


Alabaster Box

I challenge you to choose 2-3 activities from the list above that you’ll try within the next 14 days. Over the course of the 14 days, you will do each activity at least once.

Once you’ve decided on which activities you’ll try, note them in an accessible location, for example the notes app on a device you often use.

Then make the activity your own, by being specific about what you want to achieve, make it measurable, achievable, realistic for the time span you’ve chosen and your budget of the resources you have (think time and money, if needed), then set a timeline within the 14 days for when you will achieve your chosen activities.

Finally, if you’d like to be held accountable comment below and I’ll check in with you to see how things are going. Or share this article with a friend and do this exercise together, be sure to check in with each other periodically to know what progress you both are making.

Let me know in the comments what activities you chose! I'd love to hear from you - I promise to respond!


Titilope O. is the visionary founder of Operation Plan Your Wedding. She is on a divine mission to help singles, particularly women, after God's heart to “Embark on [their] journey of preparing for [their] Godly marriage and putting [their] faith into action by planning [their] future wedding.”

Titilope loves seeing women transformed to be the best versions of themselves and manifest their God-given identities as queens. She loves traveling, learning new languages, living life on purpose, and enjoying a good laugh with loved ones.

IG: @OperationPYW

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