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Frugal Momma Finds: Dollar Tree for Your 4C Wash Day

Wash Day gets on my last nerve. Why, do you ask? l Well, I have a pretty sensitive scalp and 4C hair that refuses to quit. My hairstylist always tells me to moisturize and wet my hair. I do as he says, yet my hair is still crispy and dry when I go back the next time to visit him.

With low porosity hair, it’s pretty challenging to find quality products that will actually deep condition and moisturize my strands.

I visit tons of blogs, scroll through Instagram, and test out every product under the sun that

people claim will work for 4C hair—only to be left disappointed in the end. In all my years spent seeking the perfect product, I’ve found that only one comes anywhere close to consistent: Wild Growth Hair Oil. No matter the season, if I use this product consistently, my hair remains manageable, soft, and grows beautifully. I first used it 20 years ago and have deemed it high time to revisit this oldie but goodie.

When it comes to washing and conditioning, there is a lot of hype around sulfate-free, color-protecting, and paraben-free products. After spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars, I really can't tell the difference between them all. However, in the past few weeks, I’ve noticed Dollar Tree tutorials popping up on my YouTube feed with amazing influencers singing the praises of quality products they’ve found at the deep-discount store. And so, I set out to put their theories to the test.

My first such purchase was Salon Selectives Marula Magic Shampoo and Conditioner. It contains low to no sulfates, is paraben-free, protects color, and contains marula seed oil (it's not the last ingredient, either). With 22.5 oz in each container, this is a lot of product for two bucks. I also purchased Lusti Olive Oil Hair Mayonnaise. Since I decided to triple wash my hair (because I really needed clarifying and you can wile out with $1.25 shampoo), I started by sectioning each part of my 4C locks into six equal parts. I washed each twist three times and then put them into Bantu knots, applying tons of deep conditioner to each one. This is the beauty of buying a one-dollar conditioner. You can literally use the entire bottle and not feel guilty. By the way, I still have plenty of product left over for my next wash day.

Leaving the hair mayonnaise intact, I then oiled my scalp with Wild Growth Hair Oil: blending both products into my scalp and hair. I popped on a plastic cap and let it rock while I cleaned my house.

Let me tell you, sis…the results left me shocked and amazed. At the end of the day, I took the cap off to find manageable, soft, and well-conditioned hair. Of course, it immediately went right back under my wigs. But so what? My Dollar Tree theory was well worth a try.

Let’s just say that I’ll be sticking with my Dollar Tree products and Wild Growth Hair Oil regimen in the days to come.

Check out the entire tutorial using Dollar Tree hair products below:


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