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Commit To Being And Doing Better

Six months in the year have come and gone; how many people have stayed true to those pacts you made at the beginning of the year? How many people are actively keeping up with our resolutions to ensure we achieve each and every one of our goals?

Our commitment to action will determine whether or not we achieve our goals. However, life is not just about achievements and success in business, career goals, and finances, but it is also about becoming better versions of ourselves.

I recently realized I had a serious case of road rage. It was like I was angry with the world; you dare not cross my lane on the road or double-cross me, even if you waste a minute at the light after it turns green, curses hurled from my mouth. I screamed and yelled, cutting people off without thinking twice about it...It was getting so bad that even I could feel the venom of my anger. I don't know when I became such a monster, I couldn't recognize the person I had become. But this week, I was on the phone with a special someone, he told me how my road rage was so terrible, and that was when I realized what was happening. I was oblivious to the situation, but once my attention was called to it, I started to commit to being a kinder driver. I started consciously paying attention to my triggers, choosing to smile and keep on driving. I have committed to being better not just for me but for other road users.

Keep in mind that it is one thing to learn to overcome those things that easily besets you, it is another thing to commit yourself to be a better version than you were yesterday. So for the rest of the year, while taking each new month head on, let us also ensure that we determine to stay committed to being true to ourselves and most importantly, commit to being a better person, commit to being better than we were yesterday, commit to achieving those goals you set out to achieve, commit to make someone happy and most importantly, commit to love God and to a better relationship with Him. Enjoy the rest of the Year!!!!!

Adeola is an hopeless romantic who sees everything from love's perspective. Her passions include cooking, writing, and making friends.

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