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"Healthier You, Healthier Relationships"

It's more than a Spa Day.

Begin the journey to a healthier you, & healthier relationships.


You can't figure out what you are doing to attract poor-quality friendships and relationships.

It seems that no matter what you try, you find yourself in the same cycle of bad breakups, toxic friend groups, and an overall sense of unhappiness with the quality of your inner circle.  You are constantly pouring more than you are receiving, and it has become a vicious cycle of disappointment after disappointment.


That's because happiness is an inside job, and we can only attract what we put out there.

The EZ Breezy Life, Five-Week Self-Love Challenge is about looking within to address the source of your relationship woes.

Dedicate Five-Weeks to Mental, Emotional, & Spiritual Self Care

Week 1:

Self-Reflection and Self-Care

  • Assessing personal well-being and identifying areas for improvement

  • Understanding the importance of self-care and its impact on relationships

  • Developing a personalized self-care routine

Week 2:

Building Self-Confidence

  • Exploring the concept of self-confidence and its role in healthy relationships

  • Identifying and challenging self-limiting beliefs

  • Practicing positive affirmations and self-compassion

  • Cultivating a growth mindset

Week 3:

Effective Communication

  • Understanding the significance of effective communication in relationships

  • Active listening techniques and non-verbal communication

  • Assertiveness and setting healthy boundaries

  • Conflict resolution strategies

Week 4:

Nurturing Healthy Relationships

  • Recognizing the characteristics of healthy relationships

  • Identifying toxic relationship patterns and red flags

  • Enhancing emotional intelligence and empathy

  • Strengthening connections through quality time and shared interests

Week 5:

Maintaining Balance and Growth

  • Balancing personal and relationship goals

  • Prioritizing self-growth and continuous learning

  • Managing stress and cultivating resilience

  • Celebrating progress and setting future intentions


The Invesment: $150.00

You Will Get: 

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