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6 Commuting Tips for the Alpha Woman

According to Inc Magazine, a 20-minute commute is just as bad as a 19% pay cut! I spend at least 8 hours in the car commuting back and forth to work each week. I refuse to do the math because I refuse to let my commute steal my joy.

I have learned to love my commute, but this wasn’t always the case. I once lived 8 minutes away from work and then ended up moving once I got married for several reasons.

I initially spent my time complaining about my commute, but eventually learned to make the most of my time in the car. What could you be doing on your way to work instead of fuming about traffic or staring out the windows of the train?

Spend that time on activities that enhance your mental and physical wellbeing. As long as you avoid distracted driving, there are actions that can make your commuting time feel shorter and more beneficial.

Try these commuting tips to improve your daily experience:

Continue learning.

As long as you avoid distracted driving or other safety hazards, you can listen to a podcast (I know a great one, hehe) or learn a new language. My favorite podcasts include Sarah Jakes Roberts, Joel Osteen, or NPR. I also love listening to my audiobooks on audible.

Plan your future.

Figure out what you want to accomplish this week or this year. Daydream about your next vacation destination or set goals for advancing your career.

Relax in silence.

If you’re on your feet much of the day, you may need some quiet time. Focus on your breath and observe your thoughts. If you are driving, turn the sound off from time to time and take note of your driving experience.

Listen to music.

An upbeat or soothing playlist can put you in the mood for the day ahead. Discover new artists or enjoy your old favorites.

Be social.

If your commute is on the train or bus, strike a conversation with a neighbor. Now, this isn’t always easy if you live in New York City (you can’t smile on the New York subway, people will think you are troubled, lol).

Read a book.

Take this moment to actually unplug and read a good book or catch up on your favorite magazine.

You may not have the choice of having a commute at the moment, but at least you can redeem the time and make it worth something!

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