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A Wise Woman Builds Her Home: 5 Principles to Help Stressed Moms Create Peace in Their Home

I still remember the day like it was yesterday; I was about five months pregnant, driving down the turnpike to work. I felt the nudge in my spirit, “a wise woman builds her home.” I never thought deeply about the concept but would soon understand that absolutely nothing should take precedence before my household. No relative, no friendship, career, or endeavor. 

God is a God of order. I don’t mean that in a rigid, controlling manner, but there are some biblical principles I believe create an environment conducive to the will of God taking place in our family life. With everything on my plate as a busy mom, I have to be intentional about who and where gets my time and attention. When I find something in my life is taking more time than it should, causing my life to get out of wack and balance, I quickly recalibrate. At this moment, I believe I have finally discovered the spiritual principles of keeping order in my home.

This episode is an old but goody. Cheers to continuously reclaiming

our time from energy and time vampires.

Here are some tips for busy moms who want to keep peace in their home:

1. Pray for your home

As a wife, you are the gatekeeper of the home. Do not allow busyness to cause you to forget, you are the queen of your domain. The one domain that God gives women authority over in their marriage is their home. For example, there are dangers I spot when it comes to my home that my husband does not. There are shifts in seasons for our family that I might get an inkling about before my husband. As such, I have learned to trust my instinct and tune in to God for any and everything concerning the foundation of our home. I ask for God’s leading on what to pray when to pray it, and who to include in my prayers.

2. Pray for your husband

Heavy is the head that wears the crown. In the past few months, I have had the privilege of actually observing my husband at work. He rarely takes breaks, and by the time he completes his day job, he immediately moves to other commitments. I knew he had serious work ethic, but the past few months have given me a level of appreciation I could have never realized without witnessing it in real-time. It also made me realize just how much pressure my husband encounters daily, which is why praying for his strength, wisdom, and all that concerns him is so critical for our family's wellbeing. 

3. Pray for your child(ren).

Could you have told me growing up that I would become a prayer warrior? Lies. Motherhood changes us all, but for me, it opened a level of spiritual understanding I could have never encountered without the hardship we encountered on Emmanuel’s journey. Praying for your children is non-negotiable. Pray for who enters their life, their future, destiny, and every arena of their life is essential. I frequently take stock of who is around my son, the words they speak concerning him, and openly decree and declare over his life. I also make it clear that no one gets the final say outside of his parents and God. No one. 

People will think they are entitled to your attention and time. They are not.

4. Establish proper boundaries

This is not to be paranoid, but we have to set up appropriate boundaries with those in our lives; it is important to our peace and sanity. I love people dearly, but I do not allow my friends to show up at my house randomly. I don’t know if it's the middle child in me, but it feels like a full-on invasion of my privacy and personal space. I have also learned how to keep certain aspects of my family’s plans and moves private. Do yourself a favor and tell the people you love less, way less. It’ll protect your relationships and family from unsolicited opinions, comparison, and worst of all, jealousy and envy.  Anyone who really loves you should be able to pray for you and support you without getting all up in your business and catching feelings because you insist on boundaries.

5. Let your home life be filled with joy

Love, laughter, music, and lots of hugs and kisses. I truly believe a joyful, loving environment is a healing environment. I am conscious of setting the tone in my house and create an atmosphere that makes my husband and son feel loved. This is an aspect of my life I somewhat neglected because I underestimated my power as a woman and mom. Setting the temperature in your home is one of your greatest superpowers. 

Surely, we could do so many things as women, but I find that I rarely have time to do all of them all the time. In essence, I do my best to give God first place and vehemently guard my home with my life. You have read above my essentials; they help all the other pieces of my life fall into place and recenter my focus.

What are some of the ways you keep your family-centered? You are powerful, mommy, don’t forget that. 



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