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Blessed Among Women: God Is Still Pleased

I decided to start walking with my limp. I decided heartbreak, bitterness, abandonment, bad friends and less than desirable circumstances weren't enough to keep me bound. Child loss could not keep me bound, being a special needs mom could not keep me bound, disappointment couldn't hold me back.

Their opinions? Those didn't matter either,

because quite frankly, they never did.

See, I've only ever been interested in one opinion. The opinion of my father in heaven. I chose his opinion when I left Islam. I chose his opinion when my father disowned me for being a Christian. I chose his opinion the day my father threw my suitcase and belongings out on the stoop. I chose HIS opinion when I moved nearly 250 miles away from home to upstate New York because that was where the holy spirit said to go. I chose Christ when I married my husband in secret, despite what my family members & friends thought about my choice. They whispered then, but they are silenced now.

I would choose God again when they said my son's life wasn't worth saving. I chose him over and over again when I felt the nudge to start a doctoral program and online community while my son was still transitioning home in a nursery that looked like a NICU set up. I looked crazy back then, but I kept walking. "They" still had...their opinions.

Bruised and battered, tired, and stressed. Yet today, I look faithful. Today, the Lord calls me "proven." Today, he's let just about every naysayer in my life know..."Who is like the Lord?"

What am I saying? Favor and mass appeal are not the same things. I have learned that some of your harshest critics will be people who couldn't accomplish half of what you did if they were standing in your shoes.

It's better to become really great at ignoring feedback from people who don't see God's vision for your life and quite frankly, don't even know who you really are.

I've learned that opinions don't pay bills here. It's better to walk in God's will because his blessings maketh one rich and addeth NO sorrow. He will never leave you empty. He is a man of his word.

Start walking, even if you have to go alone. The world may be calling you broken and bitter this season, but God sees you whole and calls you "BLESSED AMONG WOMEN!"

Woman, thou art loosed.

Your light is about to BREAKTHROUGH.

With Love,

Issata "Satta Star" O.

-- Which also means, "She who struggles THROUGH."



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