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Guarding Your Heart

This week we are talking about our emotional wellness. The heart is the command center for our lives and so we must guard it with ALL diligence. One thing I have learned is that whenever the enemy attacks it will be an area of our wellness.

But no matter where the attack starts, the real target is our heart. If the enemy can get in your heart, he can get into your life, he can get into your destiny and finally derail your life. But we are wiser than the serpent, thanks to the holy spirit.


Some key takeaway for this week include:

1. An attitude of gratitude.

2. Identifying the root of your struggle.

3. Identifying the thoughts fueling your struggle.

4. Identifying how the thoughts make you feel.

5. Using scripture to speak against negative thoughts

6. Making daily decisions that drive you toward health wealth and success.

Choose Life!

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This is such great advice. Thr struggle is definitely for us to paint the perfect picture for society like oh “I got this” just so society doesnt see our weaknesses. or think we’re not going to get anywhere. I learned the hard way that overworking myself so people weren’t worried about me to offer a helping hand, just made me more anal. This eventually lead to me temporarily being hospitalized because I was so anxious and delusions start to take place in my mind as I was just thinking of all possible “what if/worst case scenarios

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