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Fix Your Crown With Sewn By SoYay

There is knowing how to maintain a wig, and then KNOWING wigs. The Untethered Conference featured my favorite wig maker of all time, Sewn by SoYay. Not only do I love the construction of her wigs, but her customer service is also amazing. I learned so much about curl patterns and hair products, and why my Kinky Curly wig refused to get it together last year (I was using the wrong product)!!

About Sewn by SoYay

Sewn by SoYay is a faith-based custom wig unit provider. At Sewn by SoYay (SBS), they construct custom machine sewn wig units (crowns) to best fit your needs. Their goal is to empower women for the glory of God, one crown at a time. SBS operates in love & believes that doing all things with love produces the best results. Visit Sewn by SoYay:

About the Session

This session included an interactive activity to test women's knowledge on various hair textures offered for wig units. Women learned about how to purchase or order a proper wig. The session included a live demonstration of (3) different hair curling styles. There was also time allotted for a Q&A as well as sharing our favorite hair care maintenance products.

Shop the following items mentioned in the tutorial:

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