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"Healing Your Inner Child" w/ Ms. Ivy Caldwell

What is it that has you bound? It's time to EXPOSE it!

In our conversation, trauma healing coach Ms. Ivy Caldwell discussed the importance of exposing the terrible things that happened to us so God can heal us. True healing can sometimes be painful because it means peeling back the layers of experiences we would otherwise love to forget.

Ivy Caldwell dressed in a black top, colorful skirt, and bronze necklace. She is smiling.
Ms. Ivy Caldwell, Certified Christian Counselor

Ms. Ivy Caldwell is a multi-author, speaker, coach, certified Christian counselor, master life coach, and ordained elder, TV and podcast host. She is the Founder of Footprint Enterprises, LLC, which serves Christian women who are ready to confront their childhood sexual trauma by exposing their truth to walk in freedom and wholeness. Her services include showing clients how to regain their voice, authority, and confidence through her coaching program “Stepping Into ANEW You.” It is possible not to be plagued by the pains of your past if you “Expose It!”. God desires to do a new thing in you.

Through her coaching program, Ms. Caldwell walks participants through a five-step process to freedom and purpose:

  1. Face it

  2. Confess it

  3. Speak it

  4. Forgive it

  5. Expose it

Check out the full episode of our conversation

with Ms. Ivy Caldwell below!

Connect with Ms. Ivy Caldwell below:

  1. Get a copy of her book “Expose It” on her website in which she shares her personal testimony of overcoming sexual abuse.

  2. Be part of Volume 2 of her book collaboration “Transitioning to the Other Side” How to Cope with Loss. You can get registered on her website.

  3. Schedule a free 30-minute consultation with Ms. Ivy.


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