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How to Choose Healthy Relationships With Dr. Lolade Siju

A dynamic speaker, Dr. Lolade Siju always packs a punch with her messages. Her teachings have been effective and inspired my life, so I was elated when she said yes to participating in the Untethered conference. No matter how far along I go, I can always find something to latch on to when she speaks. I hope you will find a nugget or two as well.

About Dr. Siju

Pastor Lolade Siju is the Associate Pastor at Holy Ghost Christian Center, Newark, NJ alongside her husband Pastor Joseph Siju. She has a burden for the youth and the discovery of their God-ordained destiny and purpose. She enjoys loving the Lord Jesus and has a heart for holiness and pursuit of His divine will and purpose. She is a woman of faith who is enrolled in the school of the Holy Spirit, learning to love God and others and also learning daily to trust the Lord Jesus and live for Him alone. The works of God in her life are absolutely amazing as His grace and mercy prevail daily. She is a nurse by profession and enjoys relationships with others. She is married and blessed with children to the glory of God. In her session, she focused on the importance of decision making in our lives and how some choices can threaten to derail God's plan for us. You can learn more about our church at

In her message, she talked about key parts of our destinies such as:

  1. Who to marry

  2. Who to befriend

  3. The importance of our decisions

As someone who has benefited from Dr. Siju's mentorship, let me tell you, you don't want to miss this session!

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