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NormaLize Putting You First

The term "toxic" is loaded. In the past few years, I've learned that someone else's "normal" might be my "toxic" and vice versa. Most recently, I asked myself if spaces and relationships brought out the best or worst in me. So I decided to bow out or create distance in the places where I found myself triggered for the worst.

A few things happened. My daily outlook on life changed, my hope increased, and my capacity to do the things I loved the most multiplied. I had to stop and ask myself if it was that simple. Perhaps it was readiness; maybe it was going through my grieving process from the idea of what could be, should be, or was.

Or maybe, it was a willingness to finally see circumstances for what they were and nothing else, not their potential, my hopes, or my ideals.

As difficult as this realization was, I allowed myself to lean into my emotions and process the truth versus what I wanted to believe. Ultimately, it allowed me to make emotionally healthy decisions for myself, my body, and my family.

What invisible chain have you allowed to keep you bound to a location or relationship? It is ok to have something presented before you and say, "Not for me." It is ok to bow out quietly or, as the expression goes, "exit the chat."

For His yoke is EZ, and His Burden is Light.



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