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On Marriage as an Alpha Woman

Dear Alpha Woman,

Marriage may be a little different for you. It might take you some time to learn that trusting your partner doesn’t make you a fool.

It might take a little longer to know that building a life together means COMPROMISE. You are not the boss here.

You MIGHT hear your partner say that you don’t react like “other” women. But that’s ok, they wouldn’t have married you if you were “other” women.

You might have to unpack the trauma that turned you into Alpha Woman in the first place. That extra baggage is only going to hold you back.

You are going to have to learn to apologize. Humility is not a weakness, it is a gift. 

The only way this works is if you learn to be a great forgiver. 

True change takes consistent effort and work, but hopefully, you chose the right partner who is willing to help you unpack your bags.

Keepin’ it always, 

Satta Star

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