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Silence Your Inner Critic in 8 Steps

You’ve tried to make friends with your inner critic but she just won’t quit. Sometimes, you just have to silence her once and for all. If your self-talk is making you anxious and depressed, it may be time to truly rewire your mindset and renew the way you think about things.

Here are 8 ways you can silence your inner critic:

1. Seek distractions

Shift your attention elsewhere. Take a walk or read a book. Spend some time doing anything that you enjoy.

2. Distance yourself

Turn down the volume by imagining that your inner critic is speaking to someone else instead of you. Distance yourself from others who regularly indulge their inner critic. Be sure to address negative critics when they try to bring that energy into your personal space.

As the bible teaches us, bad company corrupts good manners. So if being a critic is something you want to stop doing, you have to minimize the time you spend with those who regularly engage in the behavior.

3. Identify triggers

Give yourself advance warning. Figure out the situations where your inner critic is likely to appear. You may be sensitive about first dates or criticism from your boss. Begin to ask yourself if the feedback is beneficial or true. If it is, then write down three action steps on how you can improve. If not, kindly discard the feedback. All feedback isn’t true feedback.

4. List your strengths

If you’re tired of hearing about your weaknesses, remember your strengths. Make a list of the things you’re good at from baking bread to writing code.

5. Correct exaggerations

Your house won’t be condemned because you were too busy to vacuum for a few days. Keep things in perspective by ensuring that your self-talk is accurate. No one is going to suffer because of one night of dirty dishes, but three weeks might bring on the roaches. Balance is everything when it comes to silencing your inner critic.

6. Use affirmations

Repeating biblical affirmations can give you a boost when you’re feeling down. Browse online for ideas concerning the very areas you may be struggling with. I do this for our family regularly though our Manny’s Village Podcast.

7. Remember your worth

Being tough on yourself erodes your self-esteem. Shoot it back up by telling yourself that you deserve to be happy and successful. Jesus died for you to have an abundant life!

8. Build support

While you need to value yourself, it helps to have others in your corner too. Surround yourself with family and friends who make you feel positive about yourself and your opportunities.

The bible teaches us that we should be transformed by the renewing of our minds. Some of my favorite positive teachers are Joel Osteen and Sarah Jakes Roberts. I highly recommend subscribing to their podcasts if you need a boost in your morning commute.

So there you have it, 8 ways to silence your inner critic and turn up the volume of your EZ Breezy Life instead!

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