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Three Tips to Help You Achieve More In 2021

As 2020 comes to a close, I am incredibly grateful for what God has done in my life and the life of my family members. Our journey hasn't been without its trials, but one thing I know for sure is that the universe must give way to a relentless soul. This year alone, I have published four books, executed a major conference, co-chaired a national committee in my field, gotten placement in two major media outlets, & grown our online community exponentially.

All while still being a full-time employee, excelling in my profession, being in a doctoral program (the struggle is SOOO real, no lie), serving in ministry, and being a special needs mom. As I sit back, I realize I have perfected the cycle of conception, execution, implementation and now... rest. I am also MARVELOUSLY HELPED BY GOD (he gets the glory); even as my son loses nursing staff in the pandemic, I am grateful.

The biggest lesson I learned about goal achievement in 2020 was to stay silent, protect my projects from prying eyes, and gossiping lips until I was done. As you know, I rarely keep good news and tips to myself. I wanted to share the principles I learned along the way and hope they will help someone.

Here are three tips to help you achieve more in 2021:

1. Be Quiet.

Just be quiet. Plan, move, and execute in silence; stop sharing your blueprint before you've completed the project. I am super cautious about with who I share my visions, plans, and projects. I only share details with three categories of people: those who are praying for me, those who have gone ahead of me AND show a willingness to advance my cause, and those who are partnering with me. If a person has not demonstrated the ability to represent any or all three, the project at hand is none of their business. Applying this concept is tricky, as people are often good at pretending to be for you, but they honestly may not wish you well in their hearts. You also have to be on the lookout for competitive personalities. It's not that they hate you; it's just sometimes our society teaches people to compare and compete rather than collaborate. Therefore, be careful with who you share your next steps and vision with—move steadily, quietly, and stealthily.

2. Decide Where You Are Comfortable Failing

Go ahead. Catastrophize. Ask yourself, "What is the worst thing that could happen if I failed at x ?" This question has allowed me to decide which balls to juggle, which balls to bounce, and which balls to drop altogether. People will be upset when they realize they fall in the bounce or drop category, but let me tell you something, if your aspirations fail, they won't keep themselves up at night for you. Decide which relationships are truly essential to your overall wellbeing, the ones who show up, and also understand that life gets busy. Also, draft a plan, even if it is on scrap paper. Having a clear, definite purpose and plan will give you the clarity you need to make tough decisions daily.

3. Don't Do More When You Can Achieve the Same Results with Less.

Am I celebrating mediocrity? Nope. But here is what I learned as a stressed-out manager in my late twenties: stop working on projects no one cares about. Legit. I used to give every single project at work 100% until it dawned on me that the co-worker who gave 75% or even 40% and I would frequently end up in the same place or sometimes, people I perceived as mediocre would still get promotions. This is because they learned what to master and what to maintain. I do not waste time in my business, work, or at home learning skills that can easily be outsourced. I do not pour endless energy into aspects of my business that do not yield results. Sometimes, good enough has to be enough so you can focus on your big wins.

A quick tip to help you prepare for 2021: sit down and make a list of your priorities and goals. Any activity that doesn't feed your purpose needs to be revisited and reprioritized. I do this at home, church, and every arena of my life at this point. If I am folding laundry, I will not make breakfast that morning; I am ordering from door dash. Can't write this paper AND rake leaves? I'm booking a service, like Handy. Balancing shifting priorities has blessed my life and allowed me to achieve my goals without sacrificing my family's wellbeing; this is how I maximize my time and preserve my energy.

Did these tips help you? Some of them came from Tim Ferris' book, the 4-hour workweek. Order the book today and share these tips with someone you think may need them.

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