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Why I stopped Posting on Social Media

Ruins of the Roman Colosseum, Photo by Ben Lee on Unsplash

The rebuke of the Lord came for me this week. You know it’s so interesting when I first started the EZ Breezy Life, it really wasn’t a vision of my own. I know that’s probably hard to believe as a reader, that someone could build an entire online platform: blog, podcast and online community without having an actual vision of their own.

The truth is, I just took one step at a time. I felt the need to build a website, so I created a website. I felt the need to tell my NICU story, so I told the NICU story. I felt the need to invite some of my friends to be part of the platform, so I asked them to contribute. Then by the advice of a mentor, I started turning my post into podcasts, and so came the listeners.

But at some point, I began to think this vision was my vision, that somehow I had this grand idea about what the EZ Breezy Life was all about. I’m here to confess that I actually have no clue where this platform is going. All I have is my faith, one step on a staircase, and the next right thing to do.

In this season, I have decided that the next right thing to do is to cease posting on social media and get clarity on from God on the next steps. I know that seems contrary to the wisdom of men, but if there is anything I’ve learned from my journey, it's that I must walk with God to win my battles.

Maybe this isn't the case for you; perhaps you can flow through life and fix all of your problems by yourself. But at this stage of my life, I need God for every single problem and circumstance that I’m facing. As such, I don’t have the luxury of disobedience; I must obey every step of the way.

You know, I wasn’t always this diehard about obedience. There really was a time that I was out here like a rebel without a cause. Someone would tell me to go left, and I would somehow find my way to the right. It really wasn’t until the situation with my son that the Holy Spirit g-checked me and let me know, “Your life is not your own; you belong to me."

I know that sounds very harsh in a time where we believe in a loving, merciful, faithful, never-ending, reckless love, kind of God. What I have learned about the recklessness of God’s love is that his recklessness also causes him to correct us when we are recklessly out of line. I’ve also learned that anything God allows the enemy to tamper with or touch in my life, he’s able to restore.

Just look at the life of Job. What kind of God would allow the enemy to take a man’s entire family, his riches, his health, and then let his friends mock him and his wife taunt him? A reckless God.

God‘s love is so reckless that he will refuse to allow us to trust in the strength of men, our wisdom, our riches, or everything we have amassed. To prove his point, he will stop at nothing to remind us that he alone is God. He is patient, he is kind and also...jealous.

Our generation is in crisis, folks. It’s probably a faith crisis. We want to hear that fornication is ok. We want to believe that cutting corners and little white lies on our taxes acceptable before God, that it’s ok to lie about our address and income so we can get access to particular things we want, but the truth is, God will not be mocked because of our rebelliousness. It really makes me think of Lauryn Hill’s song, "Mystery of Iniquity.”

...Oh, and it all, it all falls down.

Like a house of cards, the house built on white lies, the business built on tax evasion, will all come tumbling down. The only thing that will be left will be what was built on the foundation of truth, the solid rock of God.

So here I am, going back to square one, taking a little break from branding, marketing, advertising, and coming back to the heart of worship, the heart of my love song — Jesus, who is the center of my EZ Breezy Life.

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