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Squad Goals: Finding Contentment in Our Friendships

I vividly remember that day, feeling burnt out in every aspect of my life. From work to church and even among friends, it seemed like only a few truly understood the difficult and impossible situation my husband and I were facing. While a single act of compassion during tough times is essential, having a circle of compassionate individuals who constantly remember and support you is truly invaluable.

Amidst the challenges, my emotions rode a series of waves - from discouragement and despondency to anger and bitterness. But as I embraced resilience, I found determination. I was determined to rise again, rebuild my confidence in God and myself, refine my personal definition of happiness, and never give up on my purpose. I made a conscious effort to surround myself with positive influences and to make better choices about the company I kept in my inner circle.

Brené Brown said it best when she said all of our relationships boil down to a jar of marbles. Each person we meet gets a jar of marbles representing their good deeds, warm thoughts, and positive memories we've made with them. Every time someone adds to your jar, they gain a marble. Conversely, if their actions diminish or undermine your worth, they lose a marble. This transactional approach may seem heartless, but it truly helps us assess relationships, identifying those worth nurturing for a lifetime and those that may be seasonal.

Being intentional about our relationships enables us to discern when it's time to let go. If someone continuously takes from your jar without positive contributions, it’s essential to create distance or gracefully release the relationship. Empowering yourself with this insight brings contentment and peace.

My new book, “SquadGoals: Choosing Friends for Spiritual, Alignment, Personal Development, and Goal, Achievement," is a book born from my heart, and its unexpected number one release has been nothing short of humbling.

As I poured my very best into its creation, I felt the breath of God on this project. My prayer is that the lessons shared within its pages will bless you and every woman in your circle. Whether facing personal struggles in friendships or relationships, “SquadGoals” offers guidance to find contentment and build meaningful connections.

Join me on this transformative journey. “SquadGoals” is available on Amazon in Kindle, paperback, and journal formats. Let’s discover resilience, embrace compassion, and find the balance that leads to fulfillment in our friendships.


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