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3 Ways to Declutter Your Life, Heart, and Mind With Karina F. Daves

The Untethered Conference featured so many amazing speakers. One of my favorite speakers was Karina F. Daves, who shared the importance of pruning seasons and relationship building in our lives.

About Karina

A resilient powerhouse with over ten years of experience in higher education, Karina F. Daves has become the constant nexus to multiple large-scale projects, career roles, and home life balance. Karina has always been a for the people and with the people type of gal.

Over the years, she has developed practices and has become well-skilled in maintaining a level of balance between her career, relationships, and sanity. As an all-around enthusiast, she is excited to share, prepare, and teach women ways to live a more balanced life.

Karina is also a blogger, podcaster, professional organizer, and speedy chef who can help you get ANY room in order through her home organization services. Learn more about how Karina can help you live THE EZ BREEZY LIFE at

About the Session

As we journey through our lives and its up and downs, we grab hold of memories, people, and physical things. While holding on can create beautiful memorabilia, it's important to take a season to prune, declutter and realize if what you have around you and where you are in your life is a part of your own desire, or the space that you were were actually meant to be in.

My favorite takeaway was Karina's three tips for building high-quality friendships:

  1. Take your time when building friendships (22:54)

  2. Invest in deepening relationships (23:09)

  3. Get invested by creating shared experiences (23:43)

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