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The Global Outreach of Dr. John & Dorn Walker: Church Without Walls

In the most recent episode of The EZ Breezy Life, we welcomed two incredible visionaries, Dr. John and Dr. Dorn Wheatley Walker, co-authors of "Joy 365," alongside Dr. John's profound 2023 release, "I Decree Your Apocalypse," and Dr. Dorn's "Life After: A Journey into Wholeness." Their passion for discipleship, ministry innovation, and the deep insights from their books provided the quintessence of wisdom and enlightenment.

What stood out in my exchange was the Walkers' emphasis on discipleship as a lost art, particularly the insight Dr. John shared about the book "I Decree Your Apocalypse." He eloquently explained how it encourages a journey into self-discovery and understanding one's divine assignment, unraveling the mysteries we all hold within us through a faith-inspired inquisition.

Dr. Dorn's narrative was equally compelling as she unfolded her transformative journey from pain to passion, prompting her authorship and her relentless commitment to spiritual and emotional wholeness, evident in her work, "Life After: A Journey into Wholeness."

As leaders who reshaped their life path from Maryland to Florida, and now Virginia, with a mission to conduct global outreach, they defined what it means to lead a church without walls. They spoke passionately about their online courses, discipleship programs, and mentorship, pointing to the future of connectedness and the kingdom's expansion.

Our episode covered the intricate tapestry of the fivefold ministry, the exigency of global ministerial support, and the undeniable value of a personal connection with Jesus Christ. The unity and fortitude displayed by the Walkers in their calling were not only inspiring but a testament to the power of true, fervent worship, prayer, and God's love. Visit our YouTube channel or listen to anywhere podcasts are available to catch this insightful episode.


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