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Choosing Peace Over Strife: Small Choices Have a Major Impact on Your Life

I once read that peace often comes to us in the form of decisions. Interestingly, I believe that strife also presents itself in the same way - through the decisions we make daily. Over the past year, I've been honing my decision-making skills. Should I go or should I stay? Should I answer this call or ignore it? Should I socialize with a certain group of people or politely decline?

Here's what I've learned: Yes, spiritual warfare is real. But do you know what else is real? Poor decision-making. The inability to prioritize relationships in our lives properly. Losing sight of the vision God has outlined for us, or even not knowing what that vision is. There are so many factors between spiritual warfare and daily decisions that are not spiritual at all. I believe that sometimes the enemy can exploit our ignorance because we haven't taken the time to distinguish between peace and strife, and what it means to make daily decisions that foster peace.

As we approach the end of this year and look forward to the next, my prayer for you is that you choose peace, you choose love, and most importantly, you pray for discernment to make wise decisions regarding your life



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