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Frugal Momma Finds: Vacation for Less!


Outside is opening back up, and the streets are calling my name! Here is the thing though, the streets are hella expensive this year with businesses trying to recoup their pandemic losses. Well, here at The EZ Breezy Life, we pride ourselves on helping you figure it out for less. Here are some travel hacks to help you travel on a budget:

Plan early.

True story, a few weeks ago, I wanted to book a flight to see my sister. The first time I checked, the round-trip flight was under $120. Seriously! Checked bag included! I decided to sleep on it and stall, and a week later, the flight was $220. I was right, but I booked the flight anyway because I didn’t want it to jump another $100. So sis, start your research early; it can save you hundreds.

Book an Airbnb.

Do people seriously still book hotels anymore for causal travel? Unless it’s a resort or somewhere poppin' like Miami with the girlfriends, save yourself money on lodging and food get an Airbnb. It’s a great way to save when traveling with young children as well.

Consider alternative car rental services

Like the airlines, car rental services are wylin' too this summer. Well, the world of shared economy is saving the day once again. I recently discovered you could save up to 50% on car rental by using


An oldy but goody. Seriously, between Groupon and Rakuten, you can find great deals on family vacations AND get cashback.

So, where are you headed this summer? Traveling and unplugging is a great way to hit the reset button; even if it’s just a road trip an hour away, I hope you can take advantage of one of these amazing resources mentioned above.

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